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Just after moving to Amsterdam, I missed an episode of the sit-com “Cheers”, on television. My mother used to say that she wished there would be a university course for the TV guide, since I could so easily be a professor knowing all the time schedules by heart. The anti-squat apartment in Amsterdam I had just moved in to had no cable connection, and I could only receive and watch one free to air channel which showed “Cheers” once a week. My sadness for missing my weekly dose of rerun situation comedy, increased after I tried to satisfy my needs through my 56k internet connection. The only thing I could find was some bar in Boston, and how to get there.
Thank god times have changed.

There is sooo much junk on the internet now, its wonderful, not only can I find every episode of Cheers, or any other sit-com any time I want to, but I can see what people worked on it, what else they did in their careers, and all the context around what I am interested in, 24 hours a day.

How to deal with this important shift in the cultural field was the start of this exhibition. 16 Artists, that met on (a site where people can save and share bookmarks) will be showing their work as part of an ongoing discussion about the online vernacular translated to a physical and traditional art space.