⍩᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉a jouney of a thousand miles begins with a single query⍩᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉



kɔ ͪn'sta ͪnt dœlaːRt











Epizeuxis, Conduplicatio, Mesodiplosis, Constant Dullaart for Opening Times Digital Art Commsions 2015






'DullTech', a kickstarter for boring technology. Going on right now. Neoliberal Hardware Startup Lulz for all, Constant Dullaart 2015






'Map' for "Treasure of Lima, a buried exhibition", stainless steel 3d printed cylinder with encrypted location, Constant Dullaart 2014




2.5m Insta followers for $5k, Social Media Socialism High retention, Slow Delivery! , Constant Dullaart 2014




Restaured MacPaint demo drawings by Bill Atkinson 1984, Constant Dullaart 2014




jennifer.ps , Constant Dullaart 2014




Stringendo Vanishing, mediators, Jennifer in Paradise , Constant Dullaart 2014




BALCONISM, balconisation not balkanisation, tinyurl.com/tnx-flashart, tinyurl.com/tnxfriezz, tinyurl.com/tnx-artf, Constant Dullaart 2014






Thomas Knoll (Dolomites #1 + Spectrum Cathedral Medium), Constant Dullaart 2013




The Revolving Internet, Constant Dullaart 2013, modified router, internet connection, ethernet over power adaptor, display motor, table.






Eurodance remixes collected in Brasil, Russia, India and China. Constant Dullaart 2013






'Jennifer_in_Paradise', re-distributed digital image (first image ever Photoshopped), encrypted message, Constant Dullaart 2013






'The internet is broken, your sence of security is flawed', Constant Dullaart 2013, performance




Crystal Pillars, 26' video, Constant Dullaart 2013




The Death of the URL, Constant Dullaart 2013




YouKu / YouTube, Constant Dullaart 2012, online video.




HEALED, Constant Dullaart 2011-ongoing, Spot Healed disaster images, lambda prints, variable sizes




Feedback with Player Piano, widisoft, diskklavier, 2013 Fluxfest Nasa, Amsterdam




DVD screensaver performances, Constant Dullaart 2009-2011, 4 stacked Hantarex video monitor cubes




Hard Crystal Display, Constant Dullaart 2012, collectable lead crystal, sylicone, computer monitors.




Anamorvista, Constant Dullaart 2012, commissioned by Permanent



Trui, Constant Dullaart 2012, Coogi Sweater, Mannequin stand, RGB LED Par light.




The Revolving Internet, Constant Dullaart 2010, domainname, javascript, html.






Under Pressure, Constant Dullaart 2012, Audio to Midi conversion of Under Pressure by David Bowie and Queen, performed by a player piano on the 24th of May in the New Museum, NYC, US.




Untitledinternet.com, Constant Dullaart 2012, domainname, PNG images, HTML.




Terms of Service, Constant Dullaart 2012, HD video.




Soundwwwalk ii, Constant Dullaart 2012, performance.




















Constant Dullaart (NL 1979), former resident of the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, lives and works in Berlin. With a practice focused on visualizing internet vernaculars and software dialects, a political approach critical to corporate systems influencing these contemporary semantics becomes clear through his minimal and sometimes bricolaged gestures. Editing online forms of representation, and the user's access to it, he creates installations and performances online and offline. Rather than seeking merely to write a book to be placed on a library shelf, so to speak, Dullaart is interested in animating the very concept of the library itself. His work has been published internationally in print and online, and exhibited at venues such as MassMOCA, UMOCA the New Museum in New York, Polytechnic Museum in Moscow, Autocenter in Berlin, and de Appel, W139, and the Stedelijk Museum in the Netherlands. Dullaart has curated several exhibitions and lectured at universities throughout Europe, most currently at the Werkplaats Typografie.



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